Louisiana-Style Vegetarian Gumbo with Lion's Mane, Okra and Zucchini

Louisiana-Style Vegetarian Gumbo with Lion's Mane, Okra and Zucchini

Lion's Mane is surely one of the more unusual of the cultivated mushrooms. It has a fairly distinct and strong flavor, a chewy yet soft texture. Lion's Mane prepared in this medium-slow cook method is mild flavored and pliable with a slight chew, like a bite of shrimp. Its soft texture is downright succulent in contrast to the soft and slippery okra. This gumbo variation is vegetarian and light, making it a fabulous, healthful lunch or light weeknight supper.


1 Tbsp. oil
1 onion, diced
1 c. sliced bell peppers
3 large stalks of celery, sliced
2 cloves minced garlic
6 c. vegetable (or chicken) broth
14 oz. can whole or diced tomatoes (or pint jar of your own)
1½ c. okra, (if using frozen okra, thaw slightly for easy slicing)
2 small zucchini, sliced
½ lb. (about 3 c.) Lion's Mane mushrooms (Comb Tooth may be substituted), torn into bite size pieces
1 tsp. filé powder (ground sassafras leaves, or sub 1/2 tsp. thyme and 1/2 tsp. marjoram... but try to find the filé powder!)
½ tsp. salt
Dash of hot sauce
A few grinds of black pepper
Optional: 2 tsp. arrowroot or cornstarch dissolved in 1/2 c cold water (for a thicker gumbo)
Hot cooked rice


In a soup pot, saute the onion, garlic and mushrooms over a low-moderate heat. Add the bell pepper and celery and cook a few more minutes. Add the seasonings, tomato and zucchini and partially cover. Simmer for about 25 minutes. If you prefer a thicker stew, add the arrowroot or cornstarch and return the stew to a moderate heat for a few minutes. Adjust salt and pepper. Serve over a fluffy cooked rice.

Gumbo recipe adapted from thespruce.com