Landscape Morel (Morchella rufobrunnea) Peg Spawn (15 ct.)

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We have been working with Morel cultivation for years. Some trials are successful, but never to the point of honest, abundant reproducibility. This year, we are passing the cultivation baton to you, along with our best to-date instructions. We offer two species of Morels to play with. This spawn is not warranted to produce mushrooms, but is a fine bag of hope to experiment with.

This is the Morel that is found growing in recently mulched landscape plantings and appears to not form associations with trees like the Yellow Morel (Morchella esculentoides) does. We recommend anchoring the pegs in areas of mineral soil surrounded by fresh wood chips. Note: This is one of the morels being successfully field cultivated in China and elsewhere. Fall or spring plant, however, fall planting is recommended with this method using sawdust spawn - follow our website for addition of sawdust spawn in the future).

Plants up to 10 sq. ft. Includes 15 pegs and instructions.